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Thursday, November 6, 2008

 Is it a signs?? Take a look

Look at the picture first,then read comment

6 annotations:

Lyter Kaka said...

These are signs in Japanese metro trains,

"Priority seats for ............",

From left to right:
1. Person with injured arm
2. Person holding a child
3. Pregnant Woman
4. Person with injured leg

Not at all what U thought !!!

Hafizzul Kamarudin said...

tp nape gamba 1st kiri tu x nampak cam tangan pon...ke org jepun ni x kenal tangan ngan tuuut...hehehe

miss said...

sgt tk faham.
yg no4 tu person with injured leg ke pregnant women with injured leg?


Lyter Kaka said...

pejo --> tgn dia pnjg..kuat mencuri..tu yg kena potong tu..

ina --> is it pregnant woman are not person too??

aziz said...

ah... sudah la.. apesal xletak gambar care yg betol isi angin kat tayar kete..

Lyter Kaka said...

ajis --> haha..xde contoh r..kalo ada nnt aku letak..bkn stakat gmbr,video pn aku ltk skali..br nmpk sket gaya2 maki hamun tu..haha
ptuii...blah r ko..