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Friday, December 19, 2008

 re: Asking for your quotation Kg Salang, Tioman Island....

I've got an emel which is sounds like this:

Dear Azrul,
Thank you for your enquiry. For your info, most of the resort at Salang will only be open after Chinese New Year. Due to the Monsoon season. If you are thinking of the beach resort in Mersing. I can send you the pics of the resort.

cc. purevalue@gmail.com

6 annotations:

saizulhafiz said...

nmpk gaya kena lepas raya cina la...huhuhu lmbt lagi

Lyter Kaka said...

haa..Aro bg cdgn ajak gi tasik kenyir..utk kaki2 mancing,bley r join..tido kat house boat..adventure sket..hehe

Mr Asrul said...

tdo2 pastu tenggelam...cane??haha

Lyter Kaka said...

haaa..kena la tido guna life jacket + goggle + kaki itik..haha

azie said...

kalo bukan kaki mancing,ley ikot tak..
best gak g tasik kenyir..hehehe..
nk ikot..nk ikot..

Lyter Kaka said...

bak ni buku TopGear dlu,br bleh ikot...huh