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Thursday, February 12, 2009

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The age of next birthday

Places I'd like to visit


A favorite place

~tak sabar nak ke Tioman lagi...~

A favorite food

~azie selalu kena paksa buat benda ni..~

Favorite things

~haaa..si gagak itam ni...~

A nickname I have

~mcm nama dekat batu kubur je..siap ada tarikh lg..hukhuk..~

Name of my love

~ni nama kampeni mana ntah..~


~position kt 1st base sampai tua..huhu~

A bad habbit

~aku suka tido kt opis kalo xde keje..lg baik drpd aku layan makcik2 kt opis tu mengumpat..hehe~

My wish list

~sape tak nak kawin?? hehe~

...p/s: fuhh..penat siot...

4 annotations:

azie said...

baikk..sy akan slalu buat kalo ada pengukus..mari kite g bli~

ch0ch01ic said...

azie,nk resepi *wink*

Lyter said...

azie :
a'ah kan..asek lupa je nak gi beli natang tu..nnt kte g eh..

ummi :
haa..mntk resepi tu kt azi..nnt aku dtg umah ko,bleh r ko buatkan plk..hehe

invitation said...