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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

 Perry Ellis 18 Perfume (for Women) For Sale

I just happen to have the perfect one for u~
Perry Ellis 18 Perfume for Women by Perry Ellis

Original Brand Names
Quantity : 100ml/3.4oz 18 Eau De Parfum Spray
BEST PRICE : RM 220 negotiable(i still keep the receipts references)
Reason to sell : I've got two bottle..

2 annotations:

aziz said...

sume ko nk jual.. pasni ko nk jual aper lak? ko nk jual selipar x? kalau ade aku nk beli sebelah..

Lyter Kaka said...

haha..pas ni aku nak jual ko plk..aku dulu slipar sbelah aku cicir mase training kat milan..pastu gi paris jap gi bli lg sbelah..haha..